About Me

I’m Chris – professional twister of words, cobbler of sentences, and forger of texts.

You’re busy. You need content. I got you. 

As a freelance writer my aim is to provide the content you need – thoroughly researched, search engine friendly and shareable on social media. And above all: readable and compelling.

I know how to spin complex subjects into readable and easily understandable language. And to weave in a captivating story while I’m at it. With degrees in Civil Engineering, Ecology, and English, I’m aware of the complexities of technology and science, as well as the importance of  language efficiency.

As a writer, I’m dependable, diligent and independent.

You specify the content you need. I deliver it.

You set a deadline. I stick to it.

In e-mail communication I’m also eminently reachable and typically reply within 24 hours.

Generally, I’m easy going and flexible and open to accomodating any special requests you might have.

I’m also happy to provide any additional services to make your content more shareable. Titels, headers and text are already crafted for maximum SEO efficiency. Graphics for Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr or Facebook are all within my scope.

Some fun facts about me - because not everything in life is about work.

  • I would live off tea and chocolate if it were medically possible. (I’ve personally tested the hypothesis. It’s not.) 
  • Ever since I was ten, I’ve been a passionate cook. And I’ve only ever managed to set the kitchen on fire twice. (Flambéing is a dangerous art.) 
  • My cat’s name is Corkscrew and his favourite place to sleep is my keyboard. It’s his purry revenge, I guess, for always having to listen to my writing rants.